Hand-screened Shirts

I like making shirts. A lot. I screen print each shirt by hand, using 100% solvent-free water-based inks and earth-friendly cleaners. The earth is good, and we shouldn’t punch it in the face just for a nice shirt. We sew on custom tags, pack the orders on the dining table, and pedal them down to the post office. My goal is to make a product that someone will enjoy wearing as much as I enjoyed making. We’re all winners here!

crystal beard shirt bearly shirt inside-print shipwrecked shirt arrowed shirt kings t-shirt

More screen printing photos here!

What’s up with the Pre-Orders?

Being a small-time artist in a small-sized house and a smaller-sized workspace, I don’t always have the capital or capacity for carrying extra stock. I decided a year ago that I’d use a pre-order process that cut down on overhead and space issues. This also ensures that you’ll get the size you want, since I’m not guessing at how many of each size to get (which I’m not good at). If you order on day 1, your shirt will arrive typically in 4 weeks (a little longer for non-US folks). The basic process goes something like this:

  • Create a design, make screens and run a few tests
  • Open pre-orders for two weeks
  • Close pre-orders and order blank shirts
  • Wait anxiously for 3 to 4 days, then start printing when the shirts arrive
  • Put on finishing touches
  • Pack and ship!

Our Shop

It’s small and humble, with old doors for tables and scrap wood for shelves. But it gets the job done and we love it. Every shirt is hand-printed here before being shipped to you. Every time you make a purchase at the store, you’re supporting this small, maker-driven labor of love. And putting some groceries in our pantry. So, handfuls of thanks to you for the support!

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New Prints Prints, shirts and original artworks are available on the online shop. Proceeds go to rent and coffee, so check them out at!